Top 5 Soccer Video Games of All Time

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Top 5 Soccer Video Games of All Time

soccer screenshot imageSoccer is the pride of nations around the world in every capacity. Since the dawn of video games, game developers have tried to create the perfect virtual representation of this global athletic phenomenon. Many have developed a satisfactory product, but a handful of game developers have put out work that became the soccer gem of their epochs. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 soccer  games ever made:

1. Nintendo World Cup (NES, 1990)The original console soccer video game, Nintendo World Cup was the first to bring intense soccer action into your home. The game’s graphics, while prehistoric by today’s gaming standards, are quite detailed and intricate. Gamers control one of the players and can shoot, pass, or slide-tackle. Your computer teammates can be programmed with commands. Ninetendo world Cup will always be one of the best soccer video games of all time.

2. FIFA 64 (N64, 1997)

With the release of the Nintendo 64 video game console game, came the rise of three-dimensional gaming. FIFA 64 was the landmark three-dimensional soccer gaming experience. The game play should be familiar to all fans of the sport – kick, pass, score, repeat. FIFA 64 offered over 150 teams from five different leagues with a killer soundtrack and multiple camera angles.

3. Super Mario Strikers (Gamecube, 2005)

What do you get when you take the civilized sport of soccer and remove the referees, fouls, substitutions, and out-of-bounds? With Super Mario Strikers, soccer is turned into a brand new beast (literally, Bowser the fire-breathing Koopa menace randomly storms the field). Strikers introduces fast-paced, intense gameplay that changes the rules of the game.

4. Football Manager 2010 (PC & PSP, 2009)

The most successful iteration in a long series, Football Manager 2010 takes the soccer gaming aspect and flips it around to the perspective of team management. This interactive simulation is based deeply in strategy and decision making, requiring a passion for the game and an intuitive mind to lead your soccer team to the ultimate glory.

5. FIFA 13 (PC, PS3 & X360, 2012)

The latest and greatest release from the most successful soccer franchise in gaming history, FIFA brings ultimate soccer action to the player. Improved franchise modes and computer player intelligence makes FIFA 13 an interactive experience like none other on the market. FIFA 13 is truly the best of the best, at least until the release of FIFA 14!

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