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Whether you’re looking for a thrilling way to acquire your next Thanksgiving meal or are simply a hunter at heart, online turkey hunting games can provide you with all of the excitement that you need in life. These free games put you right in the middle of realistic settings where it is your job to kill all of the turkeys that you see come by on your screen. From shooting them with rifles to compound bows and bow and arrows, there are many different and unique ways that these games can be played. Don’t let the turkeys escape before they can say gobble gobble.

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Turkey Shoot
Turkey Shoot, one of the best turkey hunting games around, and gives you the opportunity to bag a Big Tom as the come through the field out of nowhere. Turkeys start out by coming slow and then are found left and right as levels increase. Shoot the turkeys immediately when they appear on the screen and don’t let them fly away. Once the turkey flies away, they are unable to be shot. Players shoot darts by using the left-click of their mouse. The longer the mouse is held, the more powerful the dart is thrown towards the turkey in range. This timed game requires skill and determination to advance to the next level.

Turkey Hunting
Turkey Hunting, a realistic and exciting shooting game, allow you to completely customize your gaming experience. Choose from a variety of weapons including guns, darts and compound bows. Select the hunting season and gear that you would like to have in order to start up the game. The high-quality animation of the game puts you into a realistic setting. Turkeys both large and small appear on the screen, but players must be patient while waiting for them. Some turkeys may come one at a time while others come in flocks. Pointing and clicking with the mouse gives you the ability to aim and shoot turkeys in the open. Shoot as many turkeys as you can before the game ends.

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Animal Hunter
In Animal Hunter, players are given the chance to shoot a variety of different animals found in the wild such as turkeys, deer, bear, birds and rabbits. Shoot down the animals that appear in the forest with different animals awarding a certain amount of points and adding additional time to your current game.

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