Nose Issues & Problems Are MedSpa Treatable

In the page about forehead skin, scrunch and squint lines are discussed, which are lines that appear when you constantly scrunch up your nose and squint your eyes. The lines that appear on the top of your nose are called the scrunch lines, while the ones that appear on the side of the nose are called bunny lines. Most of the time, treatment on these areas are already included in treating the other areas of the face, so the cost is already included in the overall treatment.

Bunny lines on the nose.

Common nose skin treatment options that you can find in Seattle are Botox and the hyaluronic fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. Botox provides great results in eliminating the scrunch and squint lines, while the fillers can also provide great results but not as great as that of the Botox treatment. You can use the Botox and the fillers as separate treatments or you can use them together, with the filler as a way to improve the Botox treatment results.

Red Veins around Nose or Broken Blood Vessels on Nose

Some people have redness or broken blood vessels on their nose, but contrary to what others believe, these people aren’t necessarily alcoholic. People who have Celt genes are vulnerable to these skin conditions on the face and around the nose but anyone can get redness of the skin and broken blood vessels. Some of the most common causes for redness and broken blood vessels on the nose area are rosacea, sun damage, allergies (causes blowing of nose many times), and even systemic diseases such as lupus. If you notice some redness on your face, make sure to ask your doctor about it to determine its cause. If rosacea is causing the redness on your nose, you might need to add some lifestyle changes in your daily routine such as minimizing coffee or red wine consumption. However, you can avail of the different nose skin treatment options for rosacea to treat it even better.

Redness on the nose area caused by rosacea.

If you have redness that is caused by sun damage, a rosacea that’s persistent or enlarged blood vessels, a great nose skin treatment option is laser treatment. Depending on how much redness there is on your nose area and on the size of the area that needs to be treated, the laser treatment may require a series or 4 to 6 treatments. The cost for a full-face laser treatment is more than just for treating your nose, and the results are usually excellent, which is why this a popular choice for many people in Seattle in treating dry nose skin, redness, and other related skin issues. But, to get to the point of seeing great results, the series of treatment takes 3 to 6 months to complete and maintenance treatment may be required once or twice a year.

Broken blood vessels on the nose.

If you are having dry nose skin issues, or issues relating to redness and broken blood vessels on the nose and other parts of the face, seek out the help of the experts to determine which available treatment is best for you. Contact Radiant Medspa or visit a "med spa near me" for an appointment.